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"Niva Expo Ltd" has been producing very effective and intelligent portable display systems since 1993 in the Slovak Republic. Based on long time experience, we have provided an effective mobile displays like pop-up, roll-up, promotional and tasting tables as well as bannerstand. Portable display products help to build a brand name. Create a marketing activities, pinpoint your new products during the presentation.

In 1997, we started to export our product portfolio abroad. Nowadays, we have exported more than 80% of production to more than 20 countries in the Europe and Asia. In 2004 we enlarged our portfolio about "SPEEDY" & "P.O.S." products, what brings bigger choice device.

Slovak Republic became a member of european union in 2004. This fact facilitates a better opportunity to infiltrate into eu market and reach a much more interested persons. Clients from EU Zone have opportunity to receive our products without custom clearance direct to company in very short time.

Our mission is to provide you with large scale of quality products for reasonable price. We have offered also little purchase amount as well as short delivery time. Niva Expo Ltd offers a long time experience, innovations and continuos development.

Niva Expo Ltd has given you the chance to fully exploit each occasions, such as exhibitions, shopping malls, conferences, seminars, unpredicteable meetings, trade shows as well as tastings.

Whatever the occasion, we are able to provide you a display system suitable for your specific needs.

Our products are an ideal way how to help you increase a sales as well as to reach your target audience by intelligent and effective way.

"We help to reach your potencial customers"

Lubos Hrmo

Pavol Ucnik
Export Manager

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