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NIVA BannerStand


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BannerStand represents easy and stylish way of presenting a big digital graphic formats. This system is easy, very quick unfolded and portable in a small bag. BannerStand offers easy and simple switch of the graphic motive and provides variability and flexibility during your marketing activities. That's reason why.

BannerStand is designed for a companies that claim flexible and elegant presentation system for the different needs and requirements. Take advantage of creativity and imagination for the planned as well as unplanned meetings with your target audience. BannerStand is available in different widths (60, 85, 100 cm) and different hight (140, 175, 210, 245, 280 cm) together with nylon transport bag.

System Benefits

  • hights: 210, 245, 280, 140, 175 cm
  • widths: 60, 85, 100 cm
  • connecting of graphic motives by special magnets
  • easy changing of graphic motive by clipping profiles

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